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The Nail Snail - No more cut fingers and tears

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When trimming your precious child's nails, having the right tool is a must! The Nail Snail is safer and easier to use for cutting nails without the tears and for your child or for you when you accidentally cut their finger. The Nail Snail lets you trim your child's nails accurately and with confidence, reducing the fear and discomfort associated with nail trimming time. The multi-purpose design offers complete fingernail and toenail maintenance for your young child (recommended ages: newborn - five years). The fun snail shape and noiseless cutting edge means your child won't mind having their nails trimmed and maybe even look forward to it. The Nail Snail is designed to provide greater control and accuracy for easier, safer and faster nail cutting. There are no moving parts and the V blade pushes the skin down as it passes.

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The idea came purely from necessity. I wanted a small piece of discretion, but did not want to be under a big sheet with bub, most other types of covers were way too hot for my girls and I. I also really needed a means for managing spillage (rather than wearing my milk soaked singlet after feeds) and wanted something to provide a barrier between my skin and my daughters skin, so that the poor little things did not end up all red, rashy and dripping with sweat.

So after much experimentation and two beautiful little test subjects (my daughters) I was prompted by several people to sew and sell those covers. I looked into the concept thinking surely someone else has already done it, but no one had. So securing the idea with a patent application became the next step. After successfully securing the idea we launched at the local markets with great success. We were so grateful for all of the positive feedback on the concept and know that our supporters will be the next important step in our success.

So please tell everyone you know about it, keep us in mind the next time you go to a baby shower and keep the word spreading. Please go ahead and like our Facebook page and Instagram as we will be posting plenty about the product and our progress.

Patent application no: 2017904849




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