Smylyn Gift Pack

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The perfect gift for a new mum (or just a great treat for yourself) to prepare for the arrival of bub.

This Smylyn Gift Pack contains:

  • 2 x of our amazing and unique Smylyn Bubby Covers - One Classic and One of any other style (NOTE: you will need to peruse the available covers to choose from and take note of the names of the covers to advise us of which covers you would like - there will be a field to type the name of your preferred cover and a drop down list to choose your classic cover when ordering).
  • 1 x Sun Cushion - A grease free sunscreen applicator for baby's face with a gentle cushion and a natural oil based cream.
  • 1 x Nail Snail - Baby Nail Trimmer. This unique innovation will put an end to the stress created when trimming bubs nails. Not only is the fear of cutting their finger gone (you cannot cut them with the Nail Snail), but also babies absolutely love it and are intrigued by the cute little snail nibbling on their nails.
  • 2 x Pairs of Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads. These low profile breast pads are simple yet effective. The three layer system helps protect your clothes and your skin: Microfibre layer to help wick moisture away; a bamboo layer to soak up the milk; and a protective outer layer that stops any moisture from seeping out onto your clothing.

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