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Breastfeeding in comfort

Although breastfeeding is a perfectly natural process, it can also be challenging and even slightly uncomfortable for new mothers in the early days, and for a range of different reasons. Whilst the stigma surrounding breastfeeding in public has dissipated a great deal, the notion of feeding beyond the comfort of the home still drives many women to invest in a cover in the hope of making the experience that little bit easier. These are a few potential issues which mothers who choose to cover should consider.


Where there is skin-on-skin contact, there is usually heat, and the closer things get, the more uncomfortable that heat can become. Any breastfeeding product which allows for too much skin contact between mother and baby only increases the likelihood of discomfort. The Smylyn bubby cover has been designed with this in mind, in a style which is open enough to keep things cool during and after feeding and prevent unpleasant heat as well as after effects like sweat and rashes.

Cumbersome fabric

Breastfeeding can be challenging even without excess fabric, and there are many covers on the mainstream market which overshoot the mark for size. A cover which is too large for its purpose is not only difficult to manage during the feeding process, but also adds to the heavy stash of nappies, bottles, and other equipment which is essential for outings. The innovation behind the Smylyn bubby cover, which is designed to attach to bra straps and tuck between bra and breast, eliminates this issue in the most convenient, practical way possible.


Babies are natural mess makers, and new mums should anticipate a few milky marks on various pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, this can make things difficult for busy ladies who often feed on the go and don’t have the time or energy for quick changes. The good news is that there are ways to prevent milk stains, and it starts with the right feeding tools. The bubby cover is designed with a soft cloth interior to absorb any little leaks and spills, making it easy to keep your favourite shirt free from milk stains.

There will always be plenty of challenges facing new mums, but breastfeeding discomfort need not be one of them. Because our bubby covers were designed by mothers, for mothers, our customers can trust that all the right details have been factored into the design, culminating in a product that will help mum and baby keep on Smylyn.

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