Bonding with your new baby

Bonding with your new baby

While forming a bond with your newborn is a primitive instinct, but it’s not unusual for new parents to encounter a few challenges. Fortunately, the tried-and-true basics remain effective, and with each new generation comes a new range of products designed to make things a little easier. Focus on these basic rituals throughout the early days and watch your bond with baby grow.


One of nature’s oldest forms of bonding is also the healthiest and most practical for your baby. Not only does your little person get a healthy dose of the ultimate growth formula, but they also get to experience the soothing effect of mum’s scent and heartbeat. The trouble is that breastfeeding isn’t always easy – some mothers struggle with physical discomfort or cumbersome bags filled with supplies, while others have trouble with the idea of feeding outside the home. If you plan on purchasing a cover, the difficulty of finding the right one is just another pain point, which is why our design incorporates all of the little things new mothers are looking for – a compact, attachable cover which is absorbent enough to soak up any mess and wraps up into the ultimate handbag companion.


Newborns are constantly forming new cognitive pathways during all kinds of activities, and playtime offers a particularly powerful opportunity to connect. Many young babies can be entertained for hours with a simple hanging mobile or a rattle, which means all that remains is to keep them comfortable. A good play mat is an essential tool for every new parent, and with the right kind of versatile product, you can get plenty of use out of it. Even if you’re heading outside to play in the grass, the right mat can provide a comfortable spot for your baby to lie, and look as good as new after a spin through the washing machine. 

New experiences

Experiencing a wide range of sights and sounds is a great way to keep your baby’s mind healthy and encourage growth, and you can create these opportunities simply by including them into your daily schedule. Although major expeditions may be off the table, there are still plenty of ways to keep things interesting close to home. When you have the time, consider taking baby on a day trip to the zoo or a nearby park and use the opportunity to enjoy a much-needed change of scenery.

Caring for a new baby is challenging at the best of times, but with the right tools and support, you’ll find it easier to take it all in your stride and continue building a strong bond with your newest family member. Keep an eye out for the latest innovations, but don’t look around for too long – your baby will be grown before you can blink!


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