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Staying Sane As A New Parent

Nothing changes your life quite like becoming a parent, and at times it can seem almost impossible to adapt to the host of foreign experiences thrown your way. The fact that you are likely exhausted only adds insult to injury, but by incorporating a few small life hacks into your daily routine, you can maintain what’s left of your mental resolve on even the hardest of days.

Stay as comfortable as possible

It’s hard to feel positive about life when you’re wet or cold, but the inconvenient truth is that certain experiences are an unavoidable part of parenthood. Whether it’s caused by spills, stains, or little accidents, this feeling can make a hard day feel infinitely harder. With the right feeding and grooming tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to prevent at least some of this discomfort. The Bubby Cover is perfect for keeping your clothes clean while you’re feeding or burping your baby, especially when used in conjunction with a pair of absorbent bamboo breast pads.

Talk to someone

There’s a lot of truth behind the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, and even if you feel as though you’re doing it alone, a good conversation with the right person can work wonders. There might even be several people in your life who fill that need. Your partner is an obvious sounding board, but even if you’re separated or raising your child alone, you might be surprised at just how helpful a great friend or family member can be. Sometimes a good conversation or a cuddle from someone who cares and understands is all it takes to set things right again.

Appreciate the little things

The baby phase is special, and you don’t want to miss all of the precious moments in the first days, weeks and months with your little one. They say that what you focus on is what you will see, so make an effort to see all of the happy moments rather than fixating on the hard parts. Notice the softness of their hair, their gummy smile and the gorgeous print on that new outfit or feeding cloth you just bought – it all counts, and it’s harder to feel negative when your attention is focussed squarely on the beauty of the new life in your arms.

Parenting is no easy task, and that feeling of overwhelm is completely normal, but there’s no need to let that feeling grow. Make use of all the resources, human and otherwise, that surround you and know that you are doing something truly worthwhile.

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